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Welcome to Citrus Marketing Solutions Ltd

Citrus Promotional is a company offering a new way of bringing innovative and fresh merchandising solutions to new, emerging and established businesses and organisations. The Citrus Company, like the citrus fruit is fresh, vibrant, colourful, tangy and unique and it is these core competencies that we pride ourselves on. Whether it is existing products, the introduction of new products or even forward thinking innovation, Citrus can provide tangible and intangible solutions which will only enhance and fulfil your business.

Our passion is producing creative solutions and we would love to invite you to browse our site and to find out a bit more about us. Get a sense of our creativity and once you've found out a little bit about our brand, feel free to tell us about yours. We love to listen and would happily offer any advice you require.

Citrus offer a variety of products, both ‘out of the box’ and bespoke services which can be tailored to match your requirements. Even if the specific product required is not immediately available, Citrus will help source and implement the solution or even adapt existing solutions to fulfil your requirements.

Bag with 7.5g of fruit gums.
Bag with 7.5g of fruit gums. (jelly beans, sugar free gum mints or strawberry flavour avai...
From 14p each
Mint Pot
Small round pot with 2 grams of sugarfree mints. Handy size for
From 55p each
Eco desk pad set, including sticky notes, flags, pen & ruler, Product Size: 65x161x24mm,...
From £1.65 each
Credit Card USB Slim - Best Seller
Best Selling style of USB slim and flat for easy storage.
From £2.25 each
Resaca Drinks Bottle
800ml plastic drinks bottle with straw and sip mouthpiece., Product Size: 235x78x82mm,...
From £2.62 each
ID Badge Oval - 56x26mm - Magnet fitting
ID badges available in a range of shapes and sizes can accommodate any logo, name and job...
From £3.46 each
Flight Wall.
12 Pages plus Cover, White Wire, Gloss varnish on cover, Board envelope.
From £5.15 each
Pembury Tablet PC Folio
Zipped A4 sized Tablet PC Folio made from Reach compliant PU Imitation leather. Can accomm...
From £9.25 each
Cross ATX Pure Chrome Ballpen
Excellent Quality Pen.
From £38.41 each

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